Through CNC accurately thin the edge of the panel into a logarithmic curve, relax the periphery of the panel, reduce the excessive stiffness generated by the coupling of the panel and the side panel, so as to obtain better bass depth, but also make the panel become more sensitive and benefit from CNC high-precision engraving, seamless splicing of multiple abalone shell, so that the pattern of smart posture blooming brilliance. Like a set of free notes at your fingertips.

At the same time improve responsiveness, stimulate more rich and delicate sound high-precision CNC machining all groove features in a clamping, so that the neck also using high-precision CNC machining can be fully engaged with it, enhance the ability to resist deformation, and make the sound more pure.

Through the CNC machining of the neck, the grip feeling is more suitable, so that the players can realize a rapid transformation in the playing process, the delicate and exquisite silk process and rose wood fingerboard are naturally combined, each time the string is carefree and dripping, convenient and easy to perform more profound tunes.