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Artist Cooperation & Talent Recruitment

Become a Kepma Artist

If you love to play music with Kepma guitar and have a certain social influence, we warmly invite you to become a Kepma artist and contribute more to music culture together.

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Join Kepma Inc

Making guitars is a systematic project, and we need more professional talents to join us and study more acoustic guitars with unique timber.

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Hunan Kepma Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co.,LTD

205 Lanyuegu Road, Ningxiang City,Hunan Province, China

Vivian Yang

Overseasales Manager

+86 18073127536


+86 17873673784

Brand Cooperation

Marketing Promotion

We sincerely invite developing enterprises to reach cooperative alliance relations, jointly develop and utilize market opportunities, realize complementary advantages of resources, and optimize resource allocation.

Communication Learning

Through communication and learning with industry people, listening to their development stories and experiences, we can broaden our minds and broaden our horizons. Draw inspiration and inspiration from it.
Proactive exchanges and cooperation, sharing resources and joint research and development of innovative products or services will help stimulate more innovative thinking and creativity and drive the industry forward.
Let's work together for the prosperity of the industry!

Trade Flow

Perhaps there will be opportunities for us to expand our international trade and sales business by making full use of our respective resources and conditions after friendly consultation on the principle of equality and mutual benefit.

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Application for factory visit

We welcome music lovers from all over the world who are interested in guitar manufacturing to visit our factory workshop to better understand the product-related knowledge, feel the music culture of Kepma, give us suggestions and talk about new cooperation.

Please fill in the form below, so that we can contact you in time.

Types of application for visit:

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