Workshop Management

Organize the implementation and implementation of 5S management policy in the workshop, update the management policy according to the requirements of 5S policy and the actual situation of the workshop, ensure that the workshop has production rules and indicators that can be followed, and implement the process rules.

Regularly carry out workshop rectification and education, timely maintain equipment, instruments and production tools, ensure reasonable classification and placement of products and raw materials, improve the civilized production quality of employees, make the production work orderly, and ensure the personal safety of staff.

Regularly arrange special personnel to check the personnel and environment status of each production project, guide and assess strictly according to production indicators and rules, keep the workshop in the best state, improve the production efficiency of products and the quality standard of finished products.

Talent Management

1. Popularize guitar manufacturing knowledge
2. Training guitar music theory knowledge
3. Select excellent employees as role models to enhance employees' interest in music
4. Set relevant assessment standards
Clarify the responsibilities and rights of talents, encourage personnel development policies, regular assessment, set up reward and punishment rules and implement them to ensure that the level of talents keeps pace with The Times.