Kepma Culture

The first letter "K" means "KING". In the design, the crown logo is added to highlight the dignity. Kepma wants to bring the feeling of dignity to guitar lovers. The five points on the crown, like the flame blowing out of the mountain pass, no matter how big or small, are all in a state of extreme upward extension, expressing Kepma's ambition to break through the shackles and make progress. The Logo is a single color, in line with the lean style Kepma guitar pursues. Below the pattern is Kepma text, which forms a concise, fluent and modern overall beauty in the form of text . The overall left and right are geometrically symmetrical, and the word Kepma is like a strong hand holding the crown, steady with coordination, implying that Kepma enterprises adopt the strategic policy of seeking victory while maintaining stability.

Brand Concept“Keep Every Production Match A+”
Kepma Guitar has always been adhering to the purpose of "specialized and refined" to carefully make acoustic guitars, create independent brands, never OEM other brands, expand diversified unknown fields. To do the best of every simple thing is success.

Slogan “Miss You With A Song”
 Kepma believes that the level of tool-making in wartime is based on weapons, while the level of peacetime tool-making is based on Musical Instruments. And hope that every person who truly loves music can have a favorite instrument and play a pleasant tune. This song is a record of the pursuit of the dream of music. In the future, when you recall that stage of yourself, there is also background music.

Keep Every Production Match A+

Staff Guitar Training

Organize staff and visitors to train guitar related knowledge every Saturday.


Kepma Cup

The Kepma National Acoustic Guitar Competition is an event set up to popularize and promote the guitar playing culture. The competition, a permanent program of the Kepma Guitar Company, has always adhered to international standards, insisting on authority, fairness, orientation and popularity. The competition covers a wide range of competitors, with no restrictions on age, gender or profession. For more guitar lovers to provide a good music exchange and learning platform, promote the prosperity and development of guitar music career.

Since the competition was first held in 2018, it has adhered to the public welfare and freedom of the competition, without charging any fees, and without compulsory signing and commercial performance. It has been widely concerned and supported by the guitar industry. It has attracted more than 1,000 excellent guittists at home and abroad to participate in the competition, and the total number of Internet views has exceeded 10 million, and a large number of star guittists with great strength have emerged.

At the same time, the organizing committee of Kepma Cup continues to promote the reform and innovation of the competition system, inviting authoritative judges to participate in each session, and uniting with powerful corporate sponsors to improve the amount of prize money and the quality of prizes, so that the popularization of Chinese guitar culture is in progress, which has been recognized by the guitar industry.  The Kepma Cup has become one of the most influential annual events in the Chinese guitar industry.

Kepma Cultural Activities

The Camping Concert

Guitar Show

Music China