Historical Development

A letter from the CEO to Kepma fans

Dear Kepma fans!
I am Peng Jinhui, founder of Kepma Guitar. Thank you so much for understanding and choosing our guitar. I want to tell you the story behind Kepma. I am not as romantic as a musician. I am a real tech guy. When I was in college, I joined the Guitar Society, and from then on I was inseparable from the guitar. Although I am introverted and dislike going out and making friends, I am usually enthusiastic about people who love guitars. To get more people to learn about the guitar, I used to go around the men's dorms at the university and persuade people to join our guitar team. The membership of the guitar society has gradually increased tenfold. I used the tuition fees and borrowed money to provide guitars for new members who did not have guitars, and successfully earned my first bucket of gold. As a result, I became more persistent and enthusiastic about guitar-related matters. Therefore, after graduation, I gave up work related to mechanical design and entered a trading company to sell guitars.
With the experience accumulated in the guitar Association, my sales process was relatively smooth, so I seized the opportunity to establish my own trading company with my childhood friend Liu Qing and several shareholders. However, at that time, the company was operating in the OEM processing mode, and the production process did not pay attention to product quality, and the employees' long-formed ideas were difficult to change. In order to control the quality of guitar supply, despite the dissuasion of my partner, I wanted to start my own factory, set up my own brand, and supply customers with the best guitar products. Both the open factory space and the necessary machinery and manpower to make the guitar required money, but luckily my fellows did very well and borrowed money from friends and Kepma was born.
I always believe in "Quality makes brand". No consumers are willing to accept products with quality problems, and they are more inclined to shop around for the best choice. Therefore, when I found that the quality of our first batch of finished guitars was not good, I didn't choose to lower the factory standard and directly sell the goods. Instead, I asked all the workers in the factory to smash the 240 unpurchased guitars together, which may seem crazy, but by now the employees had understood that my brand pursues ideas and standards, and the guitars they produced were always of the highest quality. Once launched in the market in the industry highly praised, the product in short supply for as long as three years.
Just like when I was striving to become the chairman of the Guitar Association, I also firmly believe that a guitar manufacturing company should be the first. Since we have entered the guitar industry, I should take my company further to make our guitars more perfect, so as to go to the world. As is known to all, China is not the hometown of guitar. After ranking among the forefront of China's guitar manufacturing industry, I led my team to travel thousands of miles to learn advanced guitar-making technology in order to keep up with the world's first-class level. At the same time, I even invested a huge sum of 25 million yuan to introduce the world's top guitar-making equipment into production. So you get this refined look that feels very comfortable, and the wonderful sound of the Kepma guitar.. In fact, in daily life, I should not be a very generous otaku. But I love guitar and want you to achieve the highest musical goals with the lowest budget.
All in all, if I need to summarize my pursuits to you in a nutshell, I think I should say that I can not be perfect, but our guitar must be perfect.

Milestone Event


Canon Guitar Factory was established in Huizhou, Guangdong.


Canon brand 4121, 4021 model monthly output exceeded 4000


On December 2, CEO Jack Pang smashed 240 of the faulty guitars at the production site to avoid circulation in the market, setting an example to his staff, encouraging them to perform their duties conscientiously and charting the direction of the company . He firml y bel ieved tha t "ensuring stable product quality" and "kepma" could build a market-recognized brand.


In April 2012, Canon Guitar Factory relocated from Huizhou City to Dongguan City and changed its name to Kepma Guitar Factory. Kepma Guitar Factory, a representative manufacturer of Chinese guitar brands, is writing a new chapter in beautiful Dongguan.


The annual sales volume of Kepma Guitar's Tmall store exceeded 15 million yuan, with mor e than 1115 dealers joining in Kepma, and the monthly output exceeded 20,000 units.


Kepma officially began to invest in research and development of High-end guitar.


Kepma Guitars topped the Tmall guitar instrument sales chart; kepma Guitar has become a well-known brand in the domesti c guitar industry;


Kepma USA branch was established, Ameri can music industry veteran Tony joined the team and se r v ed a s the g ene r a l manager of the American branch.


Danish guitarist Casper Esmann has joined kepma as a co-artist.


kepma's flagship class of all solid guitar B1 series is available worldwide.


Kepma's new plant construction project was completed and is scheduled to be put into operation in July 2023.