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After-sales policy description

1. This warranty is only applicable to the wooden guitar products produced and sold by Dongguan KEPMA Guitar Factory in Mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), including acoustic guitars and electric guitars.

2. Warranty period: the product shall be guaranteed within 1 year from the date of purchase (and 2 years from the date of delivery).

3, under one of the following circumstances, can not enjoy the free warranty service, according to the damage degree of the product can be repaired by our company or the designated maintenance station will charge a fee to provide paid maintenance service.
(1) Exceed the warranty period;
(2) Users due to the use, maintenance, improper storage caused by wood deformation, wood cracking, string distance changes and other consequences (damp, excessive dryness, exposure to the sun, external force, accidental injury, chemical pollution, rough use, etc.);
(3) The so-called "defective quality problems" (including wood color and texture characteristics, paint color, guitar sound quality and feel, etc.) that belong to the user's subjective personal preference or judgment;
(4) by themselves or non-manufacturer designated maintenance station for disassembly, transformation, or improper use caused by failure or damage;
(5) Due to the time change or air oxidation caused by the paint or metal surface caused by natural fading, oxidation rust, etc.;
(6) Failure or damage caused by force majeure, such as fire, earthquake, geomancy disaster, lightning strike, public nuisance, rodent hazard, salt hazard, etc.;
(7) Failure or damage caused by logistics transportation and falling after purchase;
(8) parts belonging to consumables (such as: strings, wires, batteries, etc.);
(9) The standard model and number of products are inconsistent with the physical goods, or be identified by our company as non-genuine or counterfeit products;
(10) Users are unable to provide original purchase order records, purchase receipts or purchase invoices from authorized dealers or other formal channels.
(11) Other conditions for warranty are not met according to law.

4. When a fault occurs, please read the maintenance manual and warranty provisions first. After confirming the fault, please contact the dealer you purchased for warranty or paid maintenance service. Our company will provide necessary help and technical support to dealers.

5. In case of warranty or paid maintenance, the user shall provide the original purchase order record, purchase receipt or purchase invoice from authorized dealers or other formal channels, otherwise our company cannot provide warranty or paid maintenance services.

6. During warranty or paid maintenance, due to the influence of product renewal, our company has the right to directly use the latest batch of raw material parts of the product or raw material parts with similar quality and performance for repair.

7. If there is any discrepancy between the contents of this warranty and the relevant national laws and regulations, the provisions of national laws and regulations shall be the criterion.

8. The right to revise and interpret these provisions shall be owned by the company to the extent permitted by law.

9. Thank you for choosing kepma Guitar. We suggest that you follow the relevant account of Kepma guitar to learn about relevant product information. You can also fill in the form on this official website to contact us to inquire about authorized dealers or pay attention to other information.

After-sales service

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