A measure of efficient production of identical parts and rapid assembly of instruments without barriers. Quickly build a stable, best-selling guitar, so that your every guitar is like a famous guitarist. Long experience accumulation and improvement of the model tends to be the best, in the same type of the best solution
To keep every production match A, even though every step of the way is to meet the high standards of Olympic athletics: a miss is a mile away.
Tuning: This is usually done by musical instrument stores to ensure the guitar's playability and feel, so that customers are most comfortable with it. Useless labor spent on objects, but added guitar
Of praise and attraction. No utility. Project CONTENT: SET the STRINGS on the wire to the appropriate height, deal with noise, correct the intonation of the bridge, adjust the relative tension between the steel bar and the strings, and other areas to be dealt with. This IS USUALLY DONE BY HAND, SO THAT THE BEST GUITARS ARE presented to the customer, and they are tested by professionals who know the real performance that most buyers want.

Kepma R&D Laboratory

Introduce High-End Equipment

Plek Pro

HIGH-END GUITAR TECHNOLOGY MADE IN GERMANY.√State-of-the art tool for use in guitar production,Making the world’s best guitars even better.


Switzerland ABB robot accurately controls the amount of spray paint and the intensity of polishing.


HAAS CNC Technology, precision production of guitar accessories, to ensure standardized production, so that the details are perfect.


One of the old five axis CNC machine tool manufacturers in Europe, has mastered the 5-13 axis CNC machine tool production technology


World leading manufacturer of laser engraving and cutting systems.

Introduce High-End Equipment

Testing equipment Recording studio