Maintenance Of Wood

Wood as a natural organic matter, internal loose porous and contains a lot of water and oil, internal damping is large, easy to cause sound vibration attenuation so as to affect the tone of the guitar. At the same time, wood is hygroscopic. Even after being cut down for many years, it will still expand or contract accordingly with the humidity change of the surrounding environment, which easily leads to the structural deformation of the guitar. Dealing with the inherent instability of wood is something that guitar makers and guitar players need to pay attention to. The process of wood drying and fine processing is essential, and it is also a very important step in the production process. The research and development department of KEPMA finally decided to adopt two wood drying methods: RCS (Rapid Cellular Stablization) and HTT(High Temperature Torrefied) drying technology. In order to achieve the desired effect, KEPMA Guitar and Nanjing Forestry University jointly developed a systematic wood drying treatment equipment in 2019, which can be set through different procedures to make the RCS/HTT technology actually play a role.